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Just some background and miscellaneous info on this shrine. Ah, this site has come a long way since its beginning! :)

Quick Stats:

Site Name: Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection
Main URL:
Site Birth: September 14, 2002
Webmistress: Téa P. (contact)
Visitors: Averaging about 1200-1500+ unique visitors a day
Hosted At: OwarinaiNET

Site Birth and History:

This site was first started back in 2002, and I believe it was also the place that spawned the common usage of the term "The Killing Perfection" when referencing Sesshoumaru. Back when this site came about, there were very few Inuyasha sites that existed on the web, nevermind one that was solely dedicated to Sesshoumaru. I found the lack of Sesshoumaru websites quite disappointing, and I eventually gave up looking for one and decided to just create my own. The task was a difficult one, because I had such grand plans for this site, yet I barely knew how to make websites at the time. But I was determined, and before I knew it, the site was growing rather popular very quickly...and that only further motivated me, because I realized there were more Sesshoumaru fans than I had initially thought.

These days, there are a lot more Sesshoumaru sites but still few that I would define as a "good" site. Because of that, I truly hope that this site can at least offer fans a place they can go to for some Sesshoumaru goodies. I admit that I had considered time and time again to shut this site down due to various issues I've had with webthieves and insane visitors who seemed to love causing me problems...but at the end of the day, I find that it's much too precious for me to shut down. So it remains up, and I hope to continue and keep it up for as long as I can afford to host it.

Sidenote: This site was once hosted at for about two years before it finally moved to my own domain at

Why Sesshoumaru?

In simple terms, Sesshoumaru was and still remains to be my favorite character from the Inuyasha series. I find him to be quite an intriguing character...and to me, creating a site about an interesting personality is much more appealing than creating one about a "flat" character. And since his character was such a mystery, I thought it'd be nice to do a site on him and update as he grew and as more was revealed about him. Finally, as I've mentioned, there were virtually no sites on him when I started this and that was a good enough reason for me at the time. Such a character deserves his own space on the web!

The Current Layout:

This site had gone through layouts featuring Sesshoumaru in his transformed state, layouts featuring different shots of him for each of the site's individual sections, and all sorts of other pictures of him...but then I realized that I haven't done a layout of him using a manga picture yet. In fact, I think it's pretty rare to see him in his manga state since most people seem to use his anime pictures more often. So with that in mind, I went on a hunt to pick out a suitable manga picture to make the layout from and the current version that you see is what I came up with.

I decided to choose softer colors this time to give it a little change from the previous "red fury" layout's coloring. I do hope that the layout didn't end up looking too out of character for Sesshoumaru though! :p Other than the layout change, I've also re-coded the entire site in order to fully utilize a CSS layout rather than tables. It's also now validated XHTML 1.0, which is something I've been meaning to do here for quite a while now. I'm glad that part is done and over with!

In terms of the technical aspects, the layout was done on Adobe Photoshop CS and the coding was done by hand on a text editor. All created on a Mac. It should be compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Camino in resolutions 800x600 and higher. Please do let me know if anyone comes across problems viewing this site!


Inuyasha and all its characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and any other applicable owners. The Killing Perfection is not affiliated with the official creators or licensers of Inuyasha in any way. This is purely a non-profit fansite, created for other fans. No copyright infringements were intended in the making of this site.

The layout design and site content is all done by the webmistress, Tea P. Please do not take anything without obtaining explicit permission first.

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