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Here are various sites and network that The Killing Perfection has come to be affiliated with. Please do pay them a visit!

The Affiliates:

Affiliation is currently open. I'm a bit picky though- which explains why I have so little affiliates right now. If you'd like to be one, then please take a look here for what I require.

Katy's Inuyasha Shrine
Katy's Inuyasha Shrine - (Edit 08/2006: This site seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know where it went?) Katy's site was one of the first general Inuyasha sites that I really enjoyed and even now, it remains to be one of my favorites. There's a great deal of information and plenty to browse. A perfect one stop site for both new and old fans to the series. To top it all off, the webmistress is also really nice. :) I'm definitely quite happy to be affiliates with her.

World to Come
World to Come - Seaouryou's site is a tribute to none other than Sesshoumaru's father, often referred to as Inutaisho. It's a wonderful site and the best place to go if you'd like to learn more about him as well as his appearance in the 3rd movie. There's even a new project that talks about the similarities between Sesshoumaru and his father. I'm really glad to have found and affiliated with this place- how can you not love the father and the site?

Companion - Riley's beautiful site is dedicated to the cute and adorable Rin, who we all know as Sesshoumaru's little human charge. Her site is wonderful with all kinds of information and goodies for Rin, including the takes on different relationships, soundclips of her voice, pretty wallpapers and avatars, etc. You should definitely pay her site a visit if you're a fan of Rin, or even Sesshoumaru seeing that they're very much related. :) It's only fitting that this site becomes affiliated with a Rin shrine, and I'm glad it's Riley's site!

Temperance - Yes yes, I'm aware I had previously made a rule about not affiliating with another Sesshoumaru site. Well, Chloe changed my mind. And it's not because she threatened to send Naraku to feed on my site if I refused. XD As many of you may have heard me mention, I've long stopped visiting other Sesshoumaru sites due to various reasons I'd rather not get into- but that's obviously changed with Chloe's site. Temperance is a great site with lots of solid stuff. Any Sesshoumaru fan should definitely pay her site a visit. Go go go.

The Network:

This is a bit different from affiliations, being that these are more like places that this site is a part of- whether it's a network, listing, joined FL, or what nots.

The Shikon Network
The Shikon Network - Also known as Osuwari!, this site is basically a collective that unites all the various sites or character shrines from the Inuyasha series. There is only one site from each category picked, as their purpose is to create a family of the best sites per area. Go visit! :)

Jaken Fansite
Not Useless//The Other Youkai Lord - A Jaken fansite, complete with a fanlisting just for this super faithful servant of Sesshoumaru's. I didn't stick this under affiliates because it's my site so I thought it'd be a little unfair. But I hope you'll pay this one solitary site on the web that's dedicated to Jaken a lovely visit. If you're a fan or a supporter too, please join the fanlisting. ^_^

Member! Sesshoumaru-gumi Clique Tenseiga FL InuPaPa Love Jaken!

Joined Webrings:

Relatively self-explanatory, below are the webrings that this site has joined thus far.

The Sesshoumaru Webring
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