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Below you'll find mini-profiles of those who have come to interact with Sesshoumaru throughout the series. Please note that I will only include characters that I have not already covered elsewhere in this site. Keep in mind that this section is heavily under construction as it's relatively new- but I'll try to add more characters as well as their respective pictures soon.



As Bokunesou is a tree youkai, his appearance is basically of a wrinkled face on a trunk of a very old tree. We were first introduced to this youkai when Sesshoumaru has come to pay him a visit in order to find out more about the Tessaiga. This basically happened shortly after Sesshoumaru begins to suspect something was amiss when he caught whiff of Inuyasha's demon blood possession. Since Bokunesou has donated some of his branches to create the scabbard for the Tessaiga, he seems to know quite a bit about the mysteries of the sword. This is probably also the reason why Tessaiga's scabbard contains some magical properties of its own. In any case, Bokunesou was the one to reveal that the Tessaiga also serves as a binding effect for Inuyasha- meaning it helps keep the youkai blood in Inuyasha from taking over his mind.



An ex-apprentice of Toutousai that had gone evil, Kaijinbou was a swordsmith who uses unethical methods to forge swords. He was said to have slaughtered children and use their blood in the making of a sword in order to taint them with their evil and hate-filled auras. Kaijinbou comes into play when he was commissioned by Sesshoumaru to make a sword from Goshinki's fangs. This sword, namely Toukijin, was expected to rival the Tessaiga since Goshinki was able to bite and consequently break the Tessaiga's blade in half. After crafting the Toukijin, Kaijinbou had instead desired to keep the sword for himself and even slaughtered Jaken when the servant came to fetch the finished sword for Sesshoumaru. However, the Toukijin's evil spirit was so strong that it possessed Kaijinbou and he eventually died because of it.



The infamous evil character of the series, Naraku is basically everyone's ultimate enemy and Sesshoumaru is no exception. During their first encounter, Sesshoumaru actually "cooperated" with Naraku due to his desire to wield the Tessaiga. At the time, Naraku had offered Sesshoumaru a Shikon shard-embedded human arm so that he could use the Tessaiga and in turn kill Inuyasha, which was what Naraku wanted. However, the arm actually tried to devour Sesshoumaru after the battle with Inuyasha was over and the Saimyoushou then flew over to retrieve the Shikon shard for Naraku. This of course angered Sesshoumaru and so he sought Naraku out to kill him, but failed because Naraku had used a kugutsu (puppet) in place of his real body. During the later episodes, Naraku has continued to anger Sesshoumaru by kidnapping Rin and also by attempting to absorb Sesshoumaru's body in order to take his power in. This then marked the moment when Sesshoumaru became almost entirely focused on seeking revenge on Naraku. His desire from then on was to track Naraku down and for the moment, it seems Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha has a common goal.



These are hell bees that Naraku tend to use for spying, running little sneaky errands like conveniently fetching a piece of Shikon shard at just the right moment, and of course keeping Miroku from using his Kazaana. In relation to Sesshoumaru, the Saimyoushou first came into contact with him when the Shikon embedded human arm "expired". Basically, the bees were sent by Naraku to retrieve the Shikon shard from Sesshoumaru's temporary human arm. This seemed to make Jaken quite mad and Sesshoumaru relatively annoyed. From then on, there were several instances of the bees spying on Sesshoumaru though it seems he's generally always aware of them. Needless to say, he's not very fond of them.



Ryuukossei was a powerful dragon youkai who was Inutaisho's (Sesshoumaru's father) enemy. During a battle between the two, Ryuukossei had wounded Inutaisho, which ultimately resulted in his death. However, before he died, Inutaisho had managed to seal Ryuukossei with his own fang. During the later part of the series, Inuyasha had come to kill Ryuukossei in order to make the Tessaiga light enough for him to wield properly. This eventually also allowed Inuyasha to learn the Baku Ryu-ha, Tessaiga's ultimate attack. Sesshoumaru, himself, didn't appear to have ever interacted with Ryuukossei- though he did make a journey to the battle site to observe the ruins and remains of the dragon youkai. We can only imagine what was going through his mind at the time since he came and left without a word.



Muonna was a youkai spawned from the souls of mothers who have lost their children in wars. She was used by Sesshoumaru and Jaken in order to create an illusion of Inuyasha's mother so that she could probe Inuyasha's mind for the answer to the location of Inutaisho's grave. The bargain for her services was so that she would be allowed to absorb Inuyasha into herself once she obtains the answer for Sesshoumaru. However, being that Muonna came from souls of mothers, she could not help but love those she believes to be her children. Therefore, when Sesshoumaru was about to "kill" Inuyasha, Muonna had shielded Inuyasha from the attack and ended up dying to protect him.

Cat Youkai Family:

Cat Youkai Family

Respectively, Shuuran, Touran, Karan, and Shunran- counting clock-wise from top left. These four cat youkai are siblings whose unified goal was to resurrect the leader of their clan, Oyakata-sama, in hopes of reinstalling the greatness in their Cat Family by seeking revenge with the Dog Clan, specifically Sesshoumaru's people. It seems Touran is the leader of the four and is also the most familiar with Sesshoumaru as she was the one to seek him out to challenge him and his clan to another war with the Cat Family. As the story went, there was an old feud between the Cat Family and the Dog Clan where they once warred against each other. The Cat Family had lost and they've basically been bitter since. Needless to say, it was something that Sesshoumaru felt he had to do- and he went to meet the cat people as well as fought with them. Each of the siblings have their own special powers as follows: Shuuran deals with lightning attacks, Karan with fire, Touran with ice, and Shunran has the ability to cast illusions. Note: The entire Cat Arc only happened in the anime series and not the manga, which means theses four siblings do not exist in the manga as of now.

Hyounekozoku no Oyakata-sama:

Hyounekozoku no Oyakata-sama

Translates as "Leader of the Cat Family". As the name stated, he is the leader of the Cat Family. Like Inutaisho, he is also a "great" youkai- meaning powerful and large in size. He was long-dead when the Cat Arc began, however his children (Shuuran, Touran, Karan, and Shunran) were diligently working to obtain some Shikon shards in order to resurrect him as was mentioned above. They succeeded in "reviving" him so to speak, but it seems he became a terrible undead who stole the youki (demon energy) from his own children in order to give himself more power. At this time, both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru were present and fighting Oyakata-sama together, though for different reasons. In fact, throughout the entire battle, Sesshoumaru was also fighting Inuyasha because he didn't think Inuyasha deserved to be there to meddle with "family business". The fight to defeat Oyakata-sama didn't go smoothly at first since none of Inuyasha's attacks were making any difference- and Sesshoumaru's attacks were mostly deflected, which seemed to anger him tremendously. In fact, Sesshoumaru was so angry that it actually reflected on his normally emotionless face and he was also already planning to transform. The Tenseiga interrupted just in time by pulsing and "speaking" to Sesshoumaru that it should be used instead. Since the Tenseiga revives, it was only fitting that it be used on an undead, which should in turn make it vulnerable to Inuyasha's Tessaiga attacks. And so in the end, it was due to Inuyasha's and Sesshoumaru's combined efforts that Oyakata-sama was finally defeated.



Mostly known as the Staff of Heads, the Nintoujou is exactly as its name depicts- a staff with heads, two to be exact with one being an old man and another of an old woman. Quite early on in the series, we see Jaken using this magical staff to detect and point the location of Inutaisho's hidden tomb. Most of the time, however, this staff is usually wielded by Jaken as his weapon. The Nintoujou is capable of spitting fire and it also appears to have other magical abilities though we haven't seen much of them. The staff seems to be of relative importance to Sesshoumaru though. He was the one to draw it out from behind a waterfall, giving it to Jaken to see if the servant could use it. During the beginning of the series when Jaken almost lost the staff, Sesshoumaru had actually made a comment about how he would kill Jaken if it was lost again. Not much else is known about the staff, but it's probably safe to say that it has some relation to either Sesshoumaru's family or his father's hidden tomb.



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Hakkaku & Ginta:

Hakkaku & Ginta

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Toutousai is a highly-skilled swordsmith who was commissioned by Inutaisho to craft the infamous Tessaiga and Tenseiga for Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. And because he was the person to make those swords, it seems he knows quite a bit of information about them and their properties. A youkai, he often appears with his three-eyed magical cow youkai during crucial moments in relation to the swords. Apparently, Sesshoumaru has hunted him down to try and make him craft another sword like Tessaiga as well as to inform him that Inuyasha was putting the Tessaiga to shame. Toutousai then made his appearance to check up on Inuyasha's use of the Tessaiga as well as to seek "protection" since Sesshoumaru was hunting him down for his services. Eventually, Toutousai blatantly declared that he refused to make Sesshoumaru another sword and that he had already made the Tenseiga for him as instructed by Inutaisho. This of course angered Sesshoumaru quite a bit, but he was distracted from "killing" Toutousai since Inuyasha was also present to battle him. It seems Sesshoumaru has since given up on making Toutousai forge a new sword for him.

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