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Without these people, this site would never have gotten this far. This is just my way of giving thanks and proper credit where due.

Special Thanks:

+ Oni: He's definitely my other favorite demon. ^_^ In more ways than one, this site would not be here if it weren't for him. Had he not rescued me from the nightmare that I was having with Tripod back when my first site was still relatively small, then I doubt this shrine would ever give birth. Aside from hosting me at for two years before I moved it to my own domain, he's also helped me with coding questions back when I totally didn't know how to code even a simple page...which of course leads back to the "if it weren't for him, this shrine would not be here" deal. All in all, I cannot thank him enough. *Smoogles* Oni. =D

+ Celyia: Aside from just plainly thanking her for writing such awesome Sesshoumaru fanfictions, I also want to especially thank her for being extra helpful in offering some of her wallpapers and all of her fanfics for the shrine back when this site was first born.

+ Fran: She was the first person to offer up her Winamp skins for this site, which ultimately started the section. I thank her for emailing me one day and being so nice as to offer her skins. :)

+ Tony deGuzman Jr.: I thank him for all the support he has given me in regards to this site. Sometimes I'm amazed at how he continues to come back and visit my site and offer his thoughts even when I haven't updated in ages. He's one of those visitors that really makes my effort worthwhile and I really appreciate that.


+ Katy's IY Shrine: Some of the images from the misc. image gallery came from her site, especially the cards, when I first started out. It's a great general Inuyasha site with lots of info and multimedia. Katy, the webmistress is also really nice. :)

+ Sengoku Jidai: Quite a lot of the beginning anime screenshots were taken from her site and used for illustrating some of the stuff in the info section as well as a few for the gallery back when this site first started. It's a another good general Inuyasha site and you should all go pay her a visit.

+ No Winter Lasts Forever: Many thanks to Michele for letting me add some of her wonderful doujinshi scans for the gallery. She has a lot of awesome Rin and Sesshoumaru doujinshi so go visit her!

+ Neko Yasha: Yet more thanks for donating her doujinshi scans for this site. A lot of the ones I have in my gallery came from her. I wish I could credit her site but it doesn't appear to be there anymore. If anyone know who I'm talking about and know where she moved to, please let me know.

+ Others: Naturally, all the fan-created stuff came from somewhere...and I thank everyone who had submitted them to this site. The credits were all given in their applicable sections.

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