You've arrived at the home of the Sesshoumaru-gumi! Do you like Sesshoumaru? Rin? Jaken? Yesh! Jaken too! He's fun to annoy. ^_- So what can you do? In this little formed clique, you get to become a member of the Sesshoumaru-gumi and flaunt it proudly. Annoy Jaken, play with Rin, give Sesshoumaru a little kiss...whatever floats your boat. ;^__^;

This lovely establishment is of course all in good fun. It's an independent extension of [Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection] and was formed as an entertaining way to unite all the fans of Sesshoumaru, Rin, and Jaken in one place. All three of these characters are from the awesome anime and manga, Inuyasha, by the great Rumiko Takahashi. So if you like them, want to travel with the gumi, or would just like to have a glimpse at Sesshoumaru and scream like a school girl- then leave your mark and join in!

What's a clique without some rules, right? But please please make sure you follow them. I get tons of submissions from people who obviously didn't read or care to follow them. It becomes a waste of both your time and mine because needless to say, you will not be added if you don't at least make an effort to take note of these simple rules.

  1. You must have a website of some sort and it must be yours. Sites that contains stolen content will not be allowed. No porn sites either, please. Rin is underage...what were you thinking!

  2. Your site must be accessible by the public, meaning it cannot be a restricted access/by password only sort of website. If I'm not able to view it without registering something, you will not be added. That also means no Neopet sites.

  3. The member badge must be on your website at all times and it must link back to this page. If you're submitting with a blog, journal, or message board- the badge must be on the actual layout and not in a journal entry or board post/signature.

  4. You must already have a CORRECTLY placed and linked badge up on your site when you send in your submission. I will only add your member info after I've seen the badge on your site. Do not send me a submission that says something along the lines of how you're going to add the badge in a few days because you're updating your site. I will not check back "in a few days" and you will not get added.

  5. You may not direct link to the images of the member badges on my site. Upload it on to your own server or an image hosting site.

  6. You must obviously be a fan of the Sesshoumaru-gumi. Submissions that declares direct dislike towards any of the 3 characters will not be accepted. Yes, that includes Jaken. While the quote "I smacked Jaken" may be accepted, "I hate Jaken" will not.

  7. And finally, this one isn't really by strict standards, a "rule" but more of my preference and I really hope that you could do this. I generally prefer the badge not to be stashed in some links page amidst all your other links (unless you have a category under it for specifically your joined cliques and fanlistings). This is because links are just for linking- while the member badges are to show that you're a member of the gumi. If you want to link to this page, I have linking buttons further down but I really prefer you not to use the badges for that main purpose. I hope this makes sense. Again, it's not a rule rule as previous members have done this before...but I just wish otherwise.

Below are 10 member badges that are currently available. The last two images have a white border though you can't tell until you've placed them on a colored background. You can choose one or as many as you like- the only requirement is that they must all link back here:

The following is the code that you can copy and paste to use. Remember to replace the "IMAGE NAME/URL" part accordingly, otherwise you'll end up with the infamous red x (and then I won't be able to add you).


REMEMBER that you may not direct link to the badge images here and that all badges you place on your site must link back to this page.

After you've picked and uploaded the badge on to your site, all you have to do is fill out the following form. You will get to customize your own phrase/word to go with your choice character in the gumi as well as pick your own quote. This is how the format will look like:

Your Name phrase @ Your Site Name.
[Your quote/saying.]


Jenny huggles Sesshoumaru @ Anime World
[I killed Naraku.]

The easiest way to understand this is to just take a look at the current member's list for further examples. Remember the phrase must include one of the 3 characters in the gumi, while your quote can be on any character from Inuyasha. There's also a limit in how many words you can use- take a look at the form down below for more info. All excessive exclamation marks or emoticons will be edited out. No profanities please.

I suggest you to also take a look at the Commonly Rejected Reasons for a clearer idea before sending your submission in. It'll save both you and I a lot of trouble. Please also use a valid email address because if I need to reach you and was unable to, I will just delete your submission.

Your Name:
Your Email:
Site Name:
Site URL:
Badge Location:
The specific url where your badge is
placed on at your site.
Your Phrase:
Must include either Sess, Rin, or Jaken.
(i.e.- 'plays with Rin') 3-4 words max.
Your Saying/Quote:
Can be about any character from Inuyasha.
(i.e.- 'I groped Miroku') 4-5 words max.
Comments for me: (optional) However,
IF you're resubmitting- you must state
so over here!!

Submission Status: Closed Forever. This clique will now serve as an archive only. New submissions are no longer accepted.

I thought I would now include this section since I've had several people ask me about affiliating. It just never occurred to me before. :p So sorry to all those I never got back to with a confirmation or link buttons. My life was on limbo for a while. -_- If you still want to affiliate, feel free to email me again if you're reading this.

Anyhow, for those interested in affiliation- here are a few small requirements. Your site must be an Inuyasha-related fanlisting or clique, preferably one that somehow includes one of this gumi's 3 characters, though not necessary. It also must be a site of some quality- that means no sloppily created sites or one of those page builder things. One of my link buttons must be placed and linked on either your clique's main page or a visible section designated for your clique's affiliation.

That's all. And of course, if affiliation goes through, your link or button (size 88x31) will be displayed here as well.


Sesshoumaru-gumi Link Buttons:



The Sesshoumaru Webring
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Please make sure you have a member's badge on your site at all times. This list will be randomly and periodically checked by me to ensure the ongoing presence of a badge as well as to purge broken links. If your site has moved, email me to update your URL and remember to include your member number so I know who you are. Otherwise, I will be deleting your membership and you'll have to resubmit your info again later.

001. Téa floated with Sesshoumaru @ Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection
        [I touched Inuyasha's ears.]
002. Travis pokes Jaken @ Nihil
        [Sesshoumaru is my puppet.]
003. Suseh worships Sesshoumaru @ My uJournal
        [I make Inuyasha sit.]
004. Kira played with Fluffy's hair @ Silver Bells
        [Inuyasha is a pest!]
005. Ksanin hugs Sesshoumaru-sama @ Sessomaru's Shrine
        [Stomp on Inuyasha.]
006. Chelle owns Sesshoumaru @ Daisuki
        [I am Inuyasha's master.]
007. Hiroko hugs Sesshy Plushie @ Anime Crystal
        [Kidnaps Rin.]
008. Chenka pets Sesshoumaru @ Nae Tsuki
        [Fluffy may kill me.]
009. Krizzy adores Sesshoumaru-sama @ Anime Dreams
        [I despise Naraku.]
010. Julie huggles Rin @ Dog-Boy
        [Must love the Fluff.]
011. Kygen praises Sesshoumaru @ An Endless Dream
        [Killed Kikyou.]
012. Michelle is married to Sesshoumaru @ Suki da, Sesshoumaru-sama
        [I think Rin is cute.]
013. Lina & Lillikira dreams of Fluffy @ Dreaming of Youkai (DOY)
        [Squashed Jaken.]
014. Kayz-chan loves Rin @ Kagome-chan's Log
        [I love Kagome-sama.]
015. Jessica glomped Sesshoumaru @ Nakanai de, Darling...
        [I groped Miroku.]
016. Ariadne hearts Fluffy @ Faint-Whisper
        [Miroku is mine.]
017. Rikku Vilygna Who said I hated Sesshoumaru @ Baka Youkai
        [I hissed at Kikyou.]
018. Jess/Kevin plays with Sesshoumaru's hair @ The Armoury
        [I kicked Kagome.]
019. Alicia Sesshoumaru is so cute @ Every Heart
        [I own Inuyasha.]
020. Jessica is married to Sesshoumaru @
        [Kidnapped Fluffy.]
021. Yuuske fights alongside Sesshoumaru @ Ebon Night
        [I'm the 2nd strongest youkai.]
022. Sweet Chaos won't call him Fluffy @ Fukai Mori
        [I spooned Naraku.]
023. Lauren engaged to Sesshoumaru @ Half-Breed: A Demon Within
        [I've met demon Inuyasha.]
024. Kirei hugs Sesshy @ Brown Sugar
        [I stepped on Jaken.]
025. Jechan is smitten with Sesshoumaru @ Forgotten
        [Sesshoumaru loves me.]
026. Crimson huggles Sesshoumaru @ Crimson Tears
        [I love the fluff.]
027. O r r i e squeezes Sesshoumaru @ Arrow on Fire
        [I tripped Kikyou.]
028. Kchan skips with Rin @ The Puppy Files
        [Brushed Sesshoumaru's tail.]
029. Rayjee helps Sesshoumaru kill j00 @ Rayjee's Domain
        [I mimic Sesshoumaru for fun.]
030. Mike Sesshoumaru kills Inuyasha @ Inuyasha Unleashed
        [I hate Inuyasha.]
031. Nyoko belongs to Sesshomaru @ Nyoko's Lair
        [Sesshoumaru owns me.]
032. Butterz throws rocks at Jaken @ Yaburetayume
        [Runs around with Rin.]
033. Aneres plays with Rin @ Aneres Eroif
        [Shippou is so cute.]
034. Kai] loves Sesshoumaru @ Inuyasha!
        [I kicked Jaken's butt.]
035. Hannah snuggles with Sesshoumaru @ The InuYasha Dimension
        [I killed Kikyou.]
036. Shana wants Sesshoumaru's fluffy thing @ AngelDust
        [I want pups with Sesshoumaru.]
037. Wethril eternally loves Sesshoumaru @ Natural Instinct
        [I kissed Sesshoumaru.]
038. Oliva I love Sess @ Mayonaka's Realm
        [Naraku deceived me.]
039. Farfie-chan follows Sesshoumaru blindly @ Anonymous Anime
        [Pushed Naraku down a hill.]
040. Cari pines away for Sesshoumaru-sama @ Crescentwish.COM
        [and looks after Rin.]
041. Buruma glomps Sesshoumaru @ Buruma dot Net
        [I'd kill if Sesshoumaru-sama willed it.]
042. Fluffy kills Jaken @ The Demon Dark
        [I killed Kikyou.]
043. Del chases Sesshoumaru @ The Inuyasha Journey
        [I adore Naraku and Kikyou.]
044. Kichiro kicks Jaken @ SHADOW - A Shrine to Raven
        [I punch Shippou.]
045. Lala winks at Sesshoumaru @ A Demon's Territory
        [I punched Kagome.]
046. Kitsune smashes Jaken @ The Odd Flotsam and Jetsam Site
        [I play with Shippo.]
047. Misty plays with Sesshoumaru's hair @ Every Heart
        [I <3 Sesshoumaru!]
048. Lauren hugs Sesshoumaru's fluffy @ Fluffy's and Dog Boy's Shrine
        [I love Fluffy!]
049. TinckerBell Child of Rin & Fluffy @ Rin-Chan Super Fan
        [Kikyou and Naraku fear me!]
050. Misora loves Sesshoumaru @ Crazy Midis
        [Sesshoumaru doesn't love me.]
051. Samarah Fluffy's hair @ Yuumei
        [Shoots Kikyou.]
052. Shisou lives with Sesshoumaru @ Running Blind
        [I leashed Inuyasha.]
053. Saint loves Rin and Sesshoumaru @ Frozen Tears
        [Sesshoumaru's wife warrior.]
054. Amefuri admires Sesshoumaru @ From the Ashes
        [Sesshoumaru is perfect.]
055. Katsumi had Sesshoumaru's child @ I Dream of Roses and Foxes
        [Naraku is a freak!]
056. Eternal Flame never stop glomping Sesshy @ The Evil Yami
        [I wish I was Rin...]
057. Ruri picks flowers with Rin @ Running Blind
        [I wait for mortal Inuyasha-sama.]
058. Sakaya gooshes (squashes) Jaken @ Seto Kaiba's Game Dungeon
        [Naraku and Sesshoumaru ROCK.]
059. Kat-chan pampers Sesshoumaru-sama @ Kat's Haven
        [Naraku is evil and pretty.]
060. Jay follows Sesshoumaru @ Kyoki
        [I kicked Naraku.]
061. Angel-chan loves Sesshoumaru @ Inuyasha//Palace
        [I love Inuyasha's ears!]
062. Blackjack Kat braids Sesshoumaru's hair @ Flowers for Him
        [Down with the brothers.]
063. Chaos-chan falls asleep on Sesshoumaru @ The Perfection That is Sesshy
        [I must win Sesshoumaru's heart.]
064. Cicero Kahran wok-whacks Jaken @ Rokuryu::Six Dragons
        [Shippo bit me.]
065. Kaiba plays with Rin lots @ Kaiba Corp.
        [I kissed Rin.]
066. Ashley wuv-luvs Sesshoumaru @ Kikango Shrine
        [Gimme Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru!]
067. Kurama hung out with Sesshoumaru @ Heart of the Anime
        [We tackled Kuwabara!]
068. Zen dreams about Sesshoumaru-sama @ Youkai
        [I poked Shippo!]
069. Samantha glomps Fluffy @ Samantha's Blogg
        [I kicked Kagome.]
070. Rin-chan huggles Sesshy @ Rin's InuYasha Shrine
        [I kicked Kikyou.]
071. Marle owns Sesshoumaru @ Acid Kisses
        [Sesshoumaru belongs to me.]
072. Destiny pounces Sesshoumaru @ Sotenjus Inu-Yasha Fanfics
        [Inuyasha is my dogboy.]
073. Lindsay follows Sesshoumaru mindlessly @ NeoX Anime
        [Pulled Inuyasha's ears.]
074. Courtney fluffs Sessy's tail @ Sparklegirl
        [Sesshoumaru meets me nightly.]
075. Crystal Sesshoumaru the devilish angel @ Heavenly Delusion!
        [Inuyasha lord of the kitties!]
076. Cessi Sesshoumaru-sama is the best @ Frozen Eclipse
        [I want to be Rin!]
077. Kid of all Time rides on Sesshoumaru's back @ Anime of all Time
        [I fell for Sesshoumaru.]
078. Tory leans on Sesshoumaru @ Fluffy-Chan
        [I hugged Sesshoumaru.]
079. Brooke knows Sesshoumaru is sessy @ Buddies: We Love Inuyasha
        [I beat Kikyou.]
080. Mike Sesshoumaru kills Inuyasha @ Inuyasha Unleashed
        [I hate Inuyasha.]
081. Scerika gave Sesshoumaru a Dragon @ Trapped Spirit~My Insane Mortality
        [I tackled Kikyo.]
082. Shichan tickles Rin @ Shichan's Inuyasha Fanfic Site
        [I love Fluffy-sama.]
083. Charity Evans in love with Sesshoumaru @ My Little Universe
        [Naraku is very odd.]
084. Jezunya spoils Rin @ Into the Depths
        [I Survived Inuyasha's Bakuryuuha!]
085. MewMewLyn drools over Sesshoumaru @ Underwater Fire
        [I gruesomely killed Kagome.]
086. Kokoroni eternally loves Shessy @ Lonely Makai
        [Stepped on Kikyo's big toe.]
086. Narearia pets Fluffy @ Sesshoumaru's Domain
        [I kicked Jaken.]
087. Moondragon loves Sesshoumaru @ Inuyasha's Moon
        [I like Rin.]
088. Mandi follows Sesshoumaru @ Anime Pictures!
        [Kills Kikyo.]
089. Naien-chan glomps Sesshoumaru @ Broken Wings
        [I stole Naraku's baboon suit.]
090. Sayori luvs Sesshoumaru @ Anime Twilight
        [Kikyou has everlasting beauty.]
091. Nezumi Sesshoumaru passed by @ Inu~Yasha no Tsubo
        [Kouga is Kakoii.]
092. AnimePopstar frolics with Rin @ AnimePopstar's Anime Shrine
        [Sesshou protects me.]
093. Chiba clings to Sesshoumaru @ Angelic Network
        [Rin is kawaii!]
094. Narearia smacks Jaken @ Sesshoumaru's Domain
        [I kicked Naraku.]
095. April jumps in Sesshoumaru's lap @ April's LiveJournal
        [Sesshoumaru's my hero.]
096. Sarah R. plays with Rin @ Shooting Stars
        [I want to be Rin.]
097. Sessho Girl kicked Jaken @ Pure Sessho
        [I protect Rin.]
098. Inokeata hugs Sesshoumaru to death @ Sesshoumaru no Fanpage
        [I brush Sesshoumaru's hair.]
099. Eliza wants Sesshoumaru-sama @ My Melo Journal
        [I protect Rin.]
100. Lord Fluffy Sama worships Sesshoumaru @ Lord Fluffy's Domain
        [I want the Toukijin.]
101. Sesshoumaru27 slaughters Jaken @ Sesshoumaru Shrine
        [I have the great Toukijin.]
102. Ashes tickles Rin @ Odds & Ends
        [Want to touch the ears.]
103. Becka fight alongside Sesshoumaru @ Inuyasha's Homepage!
        [Sesshoumaru owns me.]
104. Samantha cries for Sesshoumaru-sama @ Mori no Hanyou Inuyasha
        [Pulls Inuyasha into a hug.]
105. Chels Sesshoumaru is very sexy @ Inuyasha Crazy!
        [Inuyasha is sexy too.]
106. Shanna loves Sesshoumaru @ Melfina's Post
        [Miroku touched my behind.]
107. Shinrei I kissed Sessy @ Shikon Shards
        [I married Sesshoumaru.]
108. Mia kicks Jaken @ Tenshi Tsubasa
        [I want to be Rin.]
109. Anime Princess Kasume wants Sesshoumaru's body @ Diary World
        [Smitten with Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru.]
110. Yuen befriended Rin @ Toki no Rizumu
        [Gotta love Sesshoumaru-sama!]
111. Katie annoys Jaken @ Moonlit Destiny
        [I kicked Kikyou.]
112. SesshysSheWolf huggles Fluffy-sama @ The Fluffy-sama Shrine
        [Rin is sweet.]
113. Clow12391 All praise Fluffy @ Anime Outcast
        [Miroku's a pervert.]
114. Mayonaka loves Sesshoumaru @ Sin's Fate
        [Naraku deceived me.]
115. Arin annoys Jaken @ Blood Red Taiyoukai
        [I admire Sesshoumaru.]
116. Kyoto Sesshoumaru is awesome @ Inuyasha Crazy
        [I love Miroku.]
117. Saya Red youkai love Sesshoumaru @ Aka No Tsuki Corner
        [Killed Naraku but slowly.]
118. Jessica is Rin @ Sesshomaru
        [I protect Kikyou.]
119. Venna Lorean annoys Jaken @ I Wanna Go Back To Sleep
        [Kikyou Must Die!]
120. Samarah tickles Rin @ Sin's Fate
        [I murdered Kikyou.]
121. Tori huggles Sesshoumaru-sama @ Mirror Image
        [I glomped Sesshoumaru.]
122. Sora Black has wild affairs with Sesshoumaru @ Dilettanti
        [I snog Sesshoumaru often.]
123. Xelandria plants kisses on Sesshoumaru @ Xelandrian Lore
        [Sesshoumaru is the god of bishounen.]
124. AnimeFreakAlmighty drools over Sesshoumaru @ Total Anime
        [I will kill Naraku.]
125. Jessie pokes Jaken's head @ Inu-Yasha Banana
        [I rubbed Inuyasha's ears!]
126. Tsuki no Tennyo kiss Sesshoumaru @ Playing My Song//AznVietBaby
        [I melted Sesshoumaru's ice heart.]
127. Sesshoumaru-kun kills Jaken @ Light My Way Home
        [Fights with Inuyasha.]
128. Steph C. lusts for Sesshoumaru @ Healthy Obsessions
        [Tickles Rin.]
129. Lydia babysat Rin @ Mirror Maiden
        [Helped Naraku escaped the zoo.]
130. Angela kisses Sesshoumaru @ Inuyasha Image Gallery
        [I love Sesshoumaru.]
131. Crystal Heatherstone Rin is cute @ AnimeSoul
        [I love Sesshoumaru.]
132. White Sango races with Rin @ Fragment
        [I slapped Miroku.]
133. Priss loves Sesshoumaru @ Sondemotte Kiss
        [I groped Miroku.]
134. Sydney lives with Sesshoumaru @ Shimmer
        [Jaken is cool!]
135. Belle Sorciere picks flowers with Rin @ Mouth for War
        [Sesshoumaru is the sex!]
136. Lauren glomps Sesshoumaru @ The Crazee House
        [I married Sesshoumaru.]
137. Celena Schezar pets Sesshoumaru-sama's tail @ Kurayami
        [Pets Inuyasha's ears too.]
138. His Divine Shadow allies with Sesshoumaru @ Shadows
        [I revere Sesshoumaru.]
139. Necrophilia stalks Sesshoumaru @ My Greatestjournal
        [I groped Naraku.]

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