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Just a little customary info on the person running things behind the scenes- all very boring to many, I'm sure! If you ever need to contact me for whatever reason, please use this contact form.

Quick Stats:

Name: Téa, pronounced like Tay-ah and not Tia!
Gender: Female
Race: Full Human (drats)
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: January 6, 1978
Occupation: Art & ESL Teacher, Freelance graphic and web designer

A little bit more?

Most people seem to do a double-take when they notice my birthdate, which is rather understandable since I'm probably one of the oldest webmistress on the web for fansites like these. What can I say...I'm young at heart! ;p In truth, I'm one of those who grew up surrounded by anime and manga...and I guess my interest in the fandom had never faded from when I was a child. That said, some of my favorite series tend to be quite old- like Cobra, Dr. Slump, Doraemon, Kimagure's Orange Road, and Lupin.

These days, I don't have as much time to keep up with all the new stuff so I'm much more selective about what I read/watch. Most of the series I was into had ended in the recent years, so currently, I'm mainly just following Naruto, Bleach, and NANA. I also try to catch up on Berserk and Initial D whenever I find some extra time.

Other than that, you'll most likely find me hanging around various places like Livejournal, where I have a graphics journal at Colorfilter and a writing journal at InkCanvas, as well as, various other communities I run over in LJ land. In terms of actual websites, all my fandom collective can be found at OwarinaiNET while my graphics/professional website is located at

And since I get asked this a lot, yes I am also the author of the fanfic, Cycles of Destiny. It sorely needs an update though!

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