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Below you'll find Sesshoumaru's general profile- sometimes I may include a link to another section of this site to provide more information. Be aware that those links may possibly lead you to spoilers if you have yet to get very far in the series.


Name: Sesshoumaru (that's all we know- there's no known last name.) Kanji: 殺生丸

Also Known As: "Fluffy" by fans. The nickname was given by fans because of the furry thing that's slung over his shoulder...don't know when it came about but it caught on pretty fast. I've heard of that name as early as over a year before I started this site. He's also been referred to as "The Youkai Lord," "The Youkai Prince," and "The Great Demon Lord of the West."

Gender: Male, although at first glance, he's been mistaken as a female by quite a few. -_-;;

Race: Full Youkai (Demon), specifically a dog youkai

Age: Unknown, but he's about...old. By human standards, that is. We know he's older than Inuyasha who was imprisoned for 50 years and Inuyasha must've been AT LEAST 15-18 at that time, so...according to my estimation, that makes Sesshoumaru's current age 70 at the very youngest. In the much later episodes, we also see shots of him during the time before Inuyasha's 50 years sealing incident, and he looked pretty much the same so I'm going to say he's actually much older than 70. Youkai aging seems to be different from humans so for all we know, he could be hundreds and hundreds of years old. In either case, I reckon he's considered young for a youkai.

Birthplace: Unknown. However, he has been mentioned to be the Lord of the Western I can only guess that he's from the west. :p There were very few talks about him as a child- but a later episode had shown a younger Sesshoumaru when he was by his father's side- and since his father was said to have ruled the Western Lands, it helps add to the assumption that he's from the west.

Identity: In terms of "character role", he is mainly known as Inuyasha's older brother in the anime and manga. As a general identity, he's known as the Lord of the Western Lands and one of the most powerful youkai. Naraku once referred to his power as something similar to the perfect youkai. Since Inuyasha is technically the main character, Sesshoumaru can also be viewed as one of the enemies because the two brothers don't get along together at all. In fact, he can often be seen attempting to kill Inuyasha. Now, whether that warrants him as a "bad" guy or not remains to be controversial among viewers.

Personality: At first glance, he appears to be cold, calm, collected, and confident to the point of arrogance. He has also been mentioned by Jaken as someone who's very proud and no matter what it may look like on the outside, he'd actually be seething inside if he were to ever be made a fool of. His character is actually quite a mystery as you're never sure of what to expect from him. Somewhat of a loner, he keeps his thoughts to himself and he only talks when he sees a purpose in doing so. In that sense, you never see him talk just for the sake of chatting, even with his own companions. When he does talk, however, he gets right to the point. His words can also be pretty blunt with insults and his tone often condenscending, most notable when speaking to Inuyasha. For examples of some things he would say, take a look at the quotes section.

Although he may be perceived as an evil youkai, he's not someone you would call "sneaky" or deceitful. He does not hide behind anyone or send minions to do his dirty work- unlike, say Naraku. In fact, he had once expressed his dislike for this method of doing things. Perhaps this may encourage his fans all the more to think that he is an honest and a good, noble man- though in truth, I believe that this aspect of his personality has more to do with his pride, arrogance, and partially the way he may have been brought up.

Because Sesshoumaru exudes a very powerful aura, he frightens both humans and youkai alike. He carries himself as though he is above everything and everyone- the only person he has ever expressed or shown respect to is his deceased father. He especially dislikes humans and "see them as insects" as Inuyasha once described. He believes them to be inferior to youkai, though it was never really explained in detail as to why he hates humans. The topic of Sesshoumaru and his feelings towards humans can often be controversial among fans due to another character called Rin. More on her is covered in another section of this site- please be aware of major spoilers if you don't even know who Rin is. On an overall note, Sesshoumaru may appear cold-hearted in most cases...but his actions sometimes raises the question as to whether he really is as emotionless as he makes himself to be.

Appearance: Although he is a youkai, he looks relatively like a human on a day-to-day basis. Like Inuyasha, he sports silver-white hair (though his is much longer at about knee-length) and beautiful amberish golden/yellow eyes. What truly distinguishes him from Inuyasha and humans in general are the markings on his face and body. He has a prussian blue crescent moon on the center of his forehead, two magenta stripes on each side of his cheeks, matching magenta stripes on his wrists, and red markings on his eyelids. He also has pointy elvish ears and sharp fingernails that are better described as claws. He appears "slim" and almost feminine looking, but is obviously well-built underneath as is shown in one episode when he bares half of his chest and shoulder.

His attire is best described as a traditional fancy kimono for males that people of those days may wear. I assume his formal wear is also a reflection of his noble status, being an "aristocratic prince" and all. As seen in the picture above, the coloring is mostly white with some red hexagonal and flower markings. On top of his kimono, he also sports an armor that covers the entire mid-area of his body with a spiky protector that adorns the top of the armor plate and loops around his left shoulder. Wrapping around his right shoulder is a huge white piece of fur that resembles a boa. For some reason, there's always been a huge speculation about what it really is. Some say it is a boa, some claim it's actually his tail, while others have gone so far as to say that it's his armpit hair. Pretty bizarre if you ask me.

So far, I have only described his appearance as he usually is. However, being a dog youkai, Sesshoumaru's true form is of a giant white dog. He's capable of transforming into his dog form at will and when he does, he looks completely different with the exception of some trademarks. In his transformed state, he retains the crescent moon as well as the markings, though they look a little different. His eyes turn red and his ears become flappy dog ears. :D Some parts of his fur also almost look like white flames. There have been people who think his dog form is a little bit too overwhelming but I personally like it. For more information on his true form, please refer to the Transformation section.

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