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I think Sesshoumaru's voice actors have done very well in acting out his character- both deep and commands power. However, I must admit that I prefer his Japanese voice actor much more than his American dubbed version. When I first heard the dubbed voice, I was reminded of Batman, Superman, or something along that line. :p Then again, I may not be the best of judges since I've never been partial to the dubbed versions. I often feel as though something doesn't sound right somewhere.

Sesshoumaru's Japanese Seiyuu:

Narita Ken

Name: Narita Ken (Here's another picture of him from an Inuyasha booklet, many thanks to Cynthia for sending it in!)

Birthday: May 18, 1964

Birth Place: Saitama, Japan

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Skiing, Traveling

Other Roles: You may have recognized his voice from other anime as he's previously done voice acting for several anime characters. Here's a list:

- Monou Fuuma from "X The Movie"
- Harold Katori from "Irresponsible Captain Tyler"
- Kagibara Tetsuya from "Fushigi Yuugi" TV & OAV
- Kelbe from "Arc the Lad"
- Witou from "Eden's Bowy"
- Stow from "Eatman"
- Various roles in "Detective Conan" and "Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers"

Sesshoumaru's American Seiyuu:

David Kaye

Name: David Kaye

You may have heard of him if you've watched a lot of dubbed anime. He's a relatively well-known voice actor that has done many voice acting roles for animation- both American cartoons and the Japanese anime that gets released here in the U.S. Aside from voice acting, he also acts on stage, television, and film. A former DJ, he now has his own voice-over production company called David Kaye Productions, Inc. He's also been featured by Bigfire Anime as their "Voice Talent of the Month" for their EVAD (English Voice Actors Database).

Other Japanese Anime Roles:
- Treize Kushrenada from "Gundam Wing"
- Tomoyo Wakagi from "Key Metal Idol" (OAV)
- Soun from "Ranma 1/2"
- Hojo from "Sanctuary"
- Megatron from "Beast Wars"
- Kim from "Fatal Fury."

American Cartoon Roles:
- General Hawk from "G.I. Joe"
- Professor Xavier from "Xmen: Evolution."

Movies and TV Roles:
Excess Baggage, Happy Gilmore, The Love Charm, Suzy Q, Murder in My Mind, and also an appearance on the TV series, X-Files.

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