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These are questions that I often get in regards to the site as a whole. Please do take a look through this section before emailing me as your question may have already been addressed here. And as a side note, I'd also like to add that although emails in general are very welcome, I would have to ask you to not send me forwards. Ever. If you send me a forward, your email address will be blocked, quite possibly, forever.

-Content Last Updated: September 07, 2004

1. Why did you name the shrine "The Killing Perfection"?

Several reasons...a Japanese friend once told me that Sesshoumaru's name translates as "The Killing Beauty/Perfection" and whether that's the absolute correct meaning or not, I find the name quite fitting for him. Now, I know there are many different takes on what his name really means but no matter what it is, I felt that "The Killing Perfection" works because even if it isn't the right definition of his name, I think it still defines him. How so? Well...because Sesshoumaru is truly the epitome of a killing perfection..eheh! XD Either way, it seems the name had caught on throughout the years of this site's existence- now, it seems to be used everywhere from fanfiction names to all sorts of other things. Glad to see that other people thought he was the killing perfection too! ;p

1a. His name means "The Killing Pill" so shouldn't that be the name of your shrine?

First of all, that's the translation of his name in Chinese and sometimes the kanji don't mean the same thing as their Japanese counterpart. For more information on his name, please look here. Second of all, I don't really like the sound of 'The Killing Pill.' Kinda reminds of suicide pills or something. Okay, I know I'm a bit odd. But no matter, I just don't think 'The Killing Pill' would ring right with the shrine. And finally, the answer to the previous question also applies here.

2. Why don't you like Inuyasha?

Heh..okay...I get this quite a bit and I figured it was time I make it clear. I do like Inuyasha. Having a shrine for Sesshoumaru doesn't mean that I don't like Inuyasha. If I didn't like the guy, I doubt I'd be able to stomach the series. That said, I'll admit that I am more fond of Sesshoumaru. He is after all, my favorite character in the series. And besides, why the need for competition between the two? Whether it's Inuyasha or Sesshoumaru that you like more shouldn't have to don't have to dislike one to like the other.

3. Can I use/put up the stuff you have on my site?

That all depends on what "stuff" you're talking about. In light of making it clearer, I've put up a site content usage terms and guidelines if you should want to take something from this site to use on yours or something of that sort. Please refer there for more info. I suggest you follow the rules I've set forth, because I do take action against webthieves who don't respect other people's things.

4. Can I send you things to add on your site?

Of course! If you have some Sesshoumaru related goodies, then by all means...send them in! I love it when visitors contribute stuff to the shrine. Contact me. If you already have whatever you want to send in up on another site then let me know too...because then maybe I could just directly download them myself. One last thing: please also let me know how you'd like to be credited. If you prefer to remain anonymous, that's fine as well- just let me know.

4a. I have some things I'd like to send in for the shrine but you don't have a section for it...?

Don't worry about that as the shrine is constantly growing. Not having a particular category that you're looking for does not mean that there won't be one or that I won't add one. In most cases, it's because I don't have the content yet that's why I don't have the section. So if you have something to offer that is completely new, then that could only help the shrine grow! If you're unsure about it, then feel free to email me and state in specific what it is that you have. I'm very flexible here. :)

5. Can I direct link to your images/content on my site?

No, you may not. What you can do is have the said image link back to my site for reference to other info and/or images, but you may not just direct link the images themselves. To be more specific, upload the image on to your own server and then link it back to the shrine but do not, by any means, do a direct image linking from my site. That's stealing bandwidth and if I find out that you've been direct linking, I will have Jaken eat your children.

6. How often do you update?

Eh...this is a hard question to answer only because I have no set time for when I usually update. If there are things waiting to go up, I try to add them as soon as I can but it all depends on how busy I am at that particular time. Sometimes I do it in spurts so that I actually have a substantial amount updated though I sometimes make very minor changes here and there. I've also been having a very very bad year and those who have been checking my site and reading my announcements would've known why. But basically, please understand that I've been having a lot of trouble updating as often as I'd like to. If you'd like to know when I update, you can subscribe to this site's newsletter. You can do so at the main page.

7. Can you please send me Sesshoumaru or Inuyasha anime episodes/ manga scans/ pictures/ clips/ mp3s/ etc.?

No, I cannot. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time. I get tons of emails asking me to send them various things and if I actually try to email all the different requests out, I'd never find the time to do anything else. The best way to go about it is look for it on my site or through the links to other Inuyasha sites. In most cases, you should find what you want by just making a little effort to search for it.

8. Cartoon Network has stopped airing (new) Inuyasha episodes! Tell me how the story continues and what happens in the later episodes!!

Okay, I get so many emails asking me to tell them what happens in Inuyasha after CN stopped airing it, etc. The answer is no. There are plenty of general Inuyasha sites out there that has episode summaries if you really must know. Go read them! Inuyasha has gone waaay further than what's been shown on CN and I really can't sit here and tell you what happens later on. Besides, don't you want to watch it for yourself rather than have it spoiled for you? And while we're on the topic, please also don't ask me why CN has stopped it and when it's coming back, etc. I'd think that a better source for this information would be found on CN's official site. Please check there instead.

9. Are you the same person as the author of the Sess/Kag fic on, called "Cycles of Destiny"?

Yes, indeed, I am. I also have the fic in the fanfictions section of the shrine. Thanks for reading! Oh...and as a side note, that is the only Sesshoumaru fanfic that I've ever written. I seem to be getting a lot of questions about whether I'm also the author of a fic called "Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection"- the answer is no. I've never even heard of it, much less wrote it. :p

10. Oh my God! What happened to the fanfics? I'm getting errors and broken links!

The fanfiction section of my site has gone through many changes since this shrine started. In order to properly access the fanfictions, please always navigate from the main section of my site. If you were taken to the fanfictions themselves through a search engine or some offsite link, then there's a good chance you might encounter an error. And finally, I've created a new fanfiction section, Sesshoumaru Fanfictions, where authors can now upload their own fics to the server as well as leave and get reviews. That can be accessed directly- however, many of the older archived fanfics have not been completely transferred over yet. UPDATE: the answer to this question has been recently changed as of 09/05/04. I will post more about this soon. In the meantime, I'm sorry about the downtime of the Sesshoumaru Fanfiction section. Please be patient with me.

11. How did you make this site? What programs do you use and how did you learn?

I made this site by hand-coding it on a plain text editor for Mac. I don't use any programs like Frontpage, Dreamweaver, or whatever else. In terms of images and the layout, I used Adobe Photoshop CS. As for how I learned- I basically started by reading some beginner HTML tutorials on the internet and looked at other sites' sources to better understand how they work. Most of all, I learned the fastest when I just went ahead and created a site because it forced me to learn the stuff that I wanted to do or add on my site(s). Then when I started to get familiar with HTML, I moved on to CSS, SSI, and PHP. This site is currently created by utilizing validated XHTML 1.0, CSS, and PHP coding all together.

11a. Can you help teach me/create a website for me?

Let's start with teach first- I may help you whenever I can with a question or two in regards to your website. However, if you're just starting out and have a whole bunch of questions- I most likely won't have the time to help you. Now, in terms of creating a website for you- yes, I'm currently available for commission work. If you'd like to hire me to create a website for you, feel free to email me with the details on what you're looking to do and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

12. Can I affiliate with your site?

Yes, I've finally decided to start taking affiliates for this site. However, I do have some rules. :p Your site must meet the following criteria:

  • Your site must be based on either the general Inuyasha series or one of its characters. I will also only accept one site per category/character- which means I currently will no longer affiliate with a Rin, Jaken, Inutaisho, Sesshoumaru, or General Inuyasha site. I may take another general site if it's done really well and offers something different from what my current affiliates have. Basically, impress me and I may agree. :p
  • Your site must have a substantial amount of information to offer- in other words, a one page deal will not do. Additionally, it should also be relatively finished.
  • In terms of appearance, your site must be at least visually appealing with a clean layout and not something that's made by Tripod's template or similar. Proper grammar with no stickycaps or 1337 language please.
  • Preferably no pop-ups because they really annoy me, but if your site is great then one pop up would be okay, I suppose.
  • I also prefer you to have a relatively limited amount of affiliates- like about 10 max. Reason I say this is because affiliates are more special than links- I rather you not already have about 20 different affiliates and still going.
  • Most important of all, your site must not contain plagiarism or stolen content.

Think your site meets the requirement and you still want to apply for affiliation? Email me with your site's name and URL, stating clearly that you want to affiliate with my main Sesshoumaru site- I have a lot of sites open for affiliation and I'd rather not get confused about which one you're talking about. Don't worry, I'm really quite nice and I won't bite you unless you bite me first.

13. I'm making a Sesshoumaru site. Give me ideas.

Eghs, I get this question all the time. First of all, a demand to "give you ideas" is very vague, not to mention a tad bit rude. Second of all, if you're so interested in building a Sesshoumaru site of your own, I suggest you to think carefully about what you'd like to have on the site and how you're going to go about getting the stuff you want. This shrine was made with a lot of time invested in brainstorming and then researching for information and then even more time spent on acquiring the content, whether it's screencapturing my DVDs, scanning the manga, or hunting around for other goodies. I don't have time to sit here and "give you ideas"- if you need help with something in specific or an opinion of some sort, then just ask it and I'll try my best to help- but please don't just tell me to give you ideas or things to use on your site. What's the point of having your own site if you don't want to think up or get your own content?

14. Can we be friends?

I do like meeting people and the various visitors to my site that have been so nice. If you really would like to get to know me better and be friends with me- the best way to go about that is to visit and comment on my blog, find me on my message board, or just plainly being nice on your email. That's how online people become gradual friends, no? A question out of the blue that says "Can we be friends?" with not much of anything else in the email will most likely not get a response from me. It's not that I'm a meanie and won't be friends with anyone, but I honestly don't know how to respond to an email that only says "Can we be friends?"- I mean...I don't know who you are, anything about you, where you found me from, etc- so how do I reply to something like that? :p

15. Why don't you have images of Inuyasha and other characters in your gallery like other sites?

In case you haven't noticed, this is a Sesshoumaru site and I intend to keep it dedicated to him. If you're looking for pictures and info on other characters in the series, then I suggest you to browse other general sites or character shrines that are more suitable for your needs. This site obviously isn't it.

16. I've written you so many times! Why haven't you replied?

First things first, did you write to ask me some question about Sesshoumaru where the answer can be found on this site? Did you write to proclaim that Sesshoumaru is yours and not mine? Or did you email me to rant about how Inuyasha's a much superior character and that I'm disrespecting him by making a Sesshoumaru site? If any of the above applies to you, then well...I haven't replied because I didn't see a point to and that's a good enough reason for me. Now, if the above doesn't apply to you- I truly apologize. I realize I can sometimes be very bad at replying emails. This is due to the fact that I literally get tons of emails regarding the site every other 5 minutes or so. It gets very hard for me to reply because I have a full-time job and tons of other sites to manage. Additionally, I'm also always using several computers a day...some of which is not configured to receive email hence making it harder for me to reply. I'm currently attempting to be better at replying and managing the emails so please be patient with me. If you just have a comment about the site, I'd like to invite you to sign the guestbook.

17. Are you David Kaye or Sesshoumaru's voice actor?

Oye. I've been getting this question so often lately and it honestly baffles me. Are VA's starting to make sites dedicated to the characters they do the voices for or something?? If you haven't already figured it out, no I'm not Sesshoumaru's voice actor! And here I thought I was really clear about disclaimers and the section on who the webmistress of this site is. -_-*

18. Sesshoumaru is mine mine mine!!

No, he's not. For your information, he belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

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