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This section houses some sound clips of Sesshoumaru's voice from the anime series. There isn't much available right now, but I'm hoping to get more as soon as I'm reunited with my Inuyasha DVDs (moving). As of now, I have to give many thanks to Ani and SuperAndy for contributing the sound clips below. Note that they're all very short, consisting of a few seconds, and some are in better quality than others. If any of you have any more to contribute, please do so!

These sound clips are in MP3 format and zipped to prevent streaming. Therefore, you will need a decompressor of some sort to unzip them after they're downloaded. If necessary, rename the file to a .mp3 extension after unzipping.

The Original Japanese Voice:

If any of you guys have the translations of what he's saying, please email me and I'll post it here along with the clips. Episode numbers would be nice too if any of you can pinpoint them from the sounds.

  • Sound Clip 01 // Size: 40K // Time: 4 Seconds // Download
  • Sound Clip 02 // Size: 36K // Time: 3 Seconds // Download
  • Sound Clip 03 // Size: 16K // Time: 2 Seconds // Download
  • Sound Clip 04 // Size: 84K // Time: 5 Seconds // Episode 07 // Download
  • Sound Clip 05 // Size: 140K // Time: 8 Seconds // Episode 07 // Download
  • Sound Clip 06 // Size: 48K // Time: 2 Seconds // Episode 19 // Download

The American English Dubbed Voice:

Currently None. If anyone can contribute some, that'd be really great. I personally don't watch the dubbed versions, nor do I have a hold of chances of me making the English sound clips myself is very unlikely. :\

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