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This was a section that I had previously started but decided to close down soon after due to things getting out of hand. However, I'm treating it as an "archive" because I got quite a bit of submissions for it when I had announced that I was planning for this little list of 100 Ways to Step on Jaken. It seems a lot of people are eager to step on Jaken. Now, it's become an area for some of the submissions that came to me and I thought it was only fair to allow any interested fans to enjoy what others have contributed. I'm sorry I didn't add most of them- some had so much grammatical and spelling errors that I'm not even sure how to correct them for posting- others were forever lost when my OE died on me. Also, all the submissions that were sent in between Nov2003 - July2004 were accidentally wiped out when I upgraded some stuff in my computer.

For now, this section is "closed"- meaning I will not be updating it anymore. Therefore, please only enjoy what's here but do not send any more submissions in as I won't be adding it here.

Sammy steps on Jaken // Jan. 2, 2003

  1. Nicely, without anger.
  2. Step on his head, then work your way down.
  3. Look him right in the eye before you do it and say "Sit Boy!"
  4. Act all nice then spring it on him.
  5. Take away his cane, trip him, then get to the stomping.

Kaguya steps on Jaken // Jan. 6, 2003

  1. If Jaken runs around babbling about Inuyasha, grab his staff away from him and bash him to the ground with it.
  2. If he runs around because something's on his face like in the first movie, then stom your foot clearly into his face.

Suuki steps on Jaken // Jan. 18, 2003

  1. Buy REALLY big boots.
  2. Send him to the prehistoric days and set him in the path of a T-Rex.
  3. Shrink him and then forget that you ever did shrink him.
  4. Accidentally drop the piano from the 10th floor and make sure it hits Jaken.
  5. Tell him that he is worth less than Myouga when the flea runs away.
  6. Move the furniture. He'll get lost under the couch.

Amber steps on Jaken // Feb. 12, 2003

  1. Kick him in the back of the knees, if he has any. And while he's down, stomp on him!

Dafadill83 steps on Jaken // Feb. 13, 2003

  1. Tell Sesshoumaru Jaken said his tail made him sexy.
  2. Put him the a room filled with Inuyasha fangirls and tell them he called Inuyasha ugly.
  3. Put him in a room filled with Sesshoumaru fangirls and tell them he called Sesshoumaru ugly.
  4. Tell Kagome he called her fat.

Danielle steps on Jaken // May 24, 2003

  1. Grab the Staff of Heads and yell "Ooh what happens if I..." and use it to set Jaken's head on fire. Then...put it out.

Tundie steps on Jaken // Jun 19, 2003

  1. Run him over with a bulldozer and lay him just outside one's entryway. People walking in and out will find that he makes a surprisingly good mat for stomping the dirt off one's shoe on.
  2. Enter him in a race (competing against demons, humans on foot or on horseback). Depending on the number of laps there are he's sure to be trampled at least once.
  3. Dress him up as a trampoline and sell him at a sports store. I tried selling him at Toys-R-Us once, but they refused saying that he would scare away all the kids.
  4. Serve him to your least favorite relatives (or at a seafood restaurant). It doesn't really count as steping on him, but the sensation of being chewed is almost the same.

Lutontony steps on Jaken // Jun 21, 2003

  1. You could throw a cigarette butt on him...then stomp on it.

Umi-chan steps on Jaken // Nov 21, 2003

  1. Jump of a cliff and use him to break your fall.
  2. Cut down a tree and make sure it lands on Jaken.
  3. Ask Kaede if you could have one of those rossaries that she put on Inuyasha, and put it on Jaken, and torture him by saying "DIE'' every two seconds.
  4. Use his head as a chair.

Devil-chan steps on Jaken // July 22, 2004

  1. Run full speed, jump in the air and land on Jaken.
  2. Just...step on him.
  3. Make a move like your going to step on him and then stop. And when he least expects it, step on him!

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