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This section will contain spoilers for those who have never even heard of the Toukijin. This sword was not gone into detail until episodes 44-45/manga tankoubon volumes 16-17.

The Toukijin:

Goshinki's Head

So what's a guy to do if he can't wield the sword he lusts after, while he has no desire to use a sword that he owns? Find another sword of course. ;p Unlike the Tessaiga and the Tenseiga, this sword was not created by Toutousai nor was it made from the great Inu Taiyoukai's fang. Instead, this sword was created by Kaijinbou...Toutousai's expelled disciple gone evil. The Toukijin (roughly translates as "Fighting Fierce God") is also a sword that is made from a demon's fang. However the story behind that particular fang is what makes the sword an interesting rival for the Tessaiga.

The fang itself belonged to a demon called Goshinki who was involved in a fight with Inuyasha. Goshinki's fangs were so strong that they were able to destroy the Tessaiga by biting and breaking the blade in half during the battle. Though Goshinki was eventually defeated and killed by Inuyasha during the fight, the mere fact that it was able to break the Tessaiga gives us an idea of how strong that fang would be if it were to be created in to a sword. Naturally, Sesshoumaru also had the same idea...and so he brought the fang over to Kajinbou, commanding him to make a sword out of it. The middle manga scan down below is the scene where Sesshoumaru found Goshinki's head. At first when Sesshoumaru brought it over to Kaijinbou, he was told that a great sword could not be made out of a fang that is already dead. But fear not, Sesshoumaru has the Tenseiga in which he finally uses it for something he wants. :) With the fang revived by the Tenseiga, Kajinbou can finally make this new sword, Toukijin.

Toukijin Swirlies!Toukijin's Powerful Aura

So the question powerful is this sword? Oh, it's powerful..we know that at least. At first, the sword was surrounded by such a massive evil aura that it actually possessed Kaijinbou when he held it. The evil of the sword basically came from Goshinki's deep lingering desire to kill Inuyasha. Kaijinbou eventually dies from his dual with Inuyasha though the sword remained to be contained with evil- so much so that no one was capable of touching it. When Sesshoumaru arrived to claim the sword, he was warned by Toutousai to not touch it or else he would also be possessed and controlled by the evil within even if it was someone of Sesshoumaru's power. However, we soon see that Sesshoumaru surprised everyone by his ability to effortlessly surpass Toukijin's evil energy and gain control of the sword to use as his own. The evil aura dissipated and finally, the sword has chosen its master.

Toukijin vs. Tessaiga

In the few times that Sesshoumaru actually drew the sword out, we're able to see an amazingly great power pour out of it. The sword's mere energy/pressure is capable of cutting the opponent without even physically striking them. In fact most of the time, Sesshoumaru doesn't even touch Inuyasha with it. He just holds it out and all the cackling energy comes out of it and in turn cuts Inuyasha with the sword pressure. The left and right manga scans up above next to Goshinki's head are examples of how it looks like. Notice that in both pictures, the sword isn't touching anything but instead Sesshoumaru just holds it or slashes it in the air. The image directly above basically shows the Toukijin and the Tessaiga up against each other. The yellow lightning look-alike streaks you see are often what we see surrounding the Toukijin when it cackles in battle. We have yet to see what else the Toukijin is capable of doing and whether it will contain any special hidden attacks...but it's obvious that the Tessaiga has finally found its rival sword.

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