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Pretty self-explanatory...this is basically a complete archive of the shrine's past and present updates- or at least the ones that I've actually bothered to make a note about. ^_^; Hmm, this site's come quite a bit of a way hasn't it?

09.19.2006 - I've just moved this site to a new host/server, so if you're seeing this message, it means the transfer is already reflecting for you. As you can see, there's a new layout up too. :) This layout was actually done some time this past winter, but I never got the chance to change it until now. Please let me know ASAP if something isn't working right for you, because I went into every single page to recode everything from scratch for validated XHTML 1.0 and to also utilize divs and CSS as opposed to a tables layout. I'm hoping I didn't mess up something horribly somewhere without realizing it.

Anyhow, aside from redoing the coding and putting up a new layout, I didn't really add anything new. I just fixed the organization on some sections, updated the site info sections, and finally cleaned up the links page, but I didn't get the chance to add new content that I've been meaning to do. Those should come little by little throughout the near future. I still have a lot of plans for this site!

By the way, I don't think I've ever asked you guys this during the four years that this site has been up...but what do you guys like to see the most for this site? The information? The pictures? Fanfictions? Goodies like icons, wallpapers, etc.? I really am curious, because it'll help me know which areas to put priority in when updating this site. So if you have time, I'd really appreciate it if you could either email me or leave a note on the guestbook just to share your thoughts a bit. I see it as a mutual benefit thing- I get to know which areas I should focus on and you get to have what you wanted to see. :D

09.18.2006 - Wow, did you guys know that it was this site's 4 years anniversary on the 14th? I can't believe it's been that long already! I do have some updates planned...but first of all, let me quickly say that I'm on the process of moving to a new host/server. If there are glitches within the next 48 hours, that would be why. You'll know when the move is complete on your side of the world if you pop by and see a new layout. ;) It's been up at my new server already, but it's just not reflecting yet. Look out for it!

One more thing, the newsletter supscription has been removed from this "old version" since I'm switching to use notifylist for the newsletter from now. Those who were previously subscribed should've already received a note about it. If not, you can go directly to this page to subscribe again for the new one. I will no longer be sending out newsletters from the old one! Once the site transfer to the new host is complete, you should see a subscription option on the site once more.

08.04.2006 - After all the massive guestbook spam problem I had, which caused me to take the whole damn thing down...I now have a new guestbook - it's a universal one I'm using for all my OwarinaiNET sites this time, so it doesn't have its own lovely Sesshoumaru-themed layout but at least there's no spam! :p

Also, thank you very much to all those who had emailed me comments on the site due to the guestbook being down. I'm sad that I couldn't port over the previous thousands of gbook entries this site has accumulated since its opening, but I hope you all will take the time to sign the new one. :)

Other things aside, there's a bit more development in terms of Sesshoumaru's I'll try to get that added on to the family's page again. She's seriously causing all sorts of excitement, isn't she? :D

07.25.2006 - It came a few days later than I said it was going to- but here it is nonetheless. An update to the family background page to include pictures and info on Sesshoumaru's mother! Go take a look! ^_^

Other than that, I haven't made any additional updates or edits anywhere else on the site due to lack of time. Some things crept up in RL this past weekend, which is going to hinder my original hopes of making some big updates- so I'm going to have to ask you all to be patient with me a while longer. In the mean time, I hope that those of you who did not get the chance to see SessMommy's appearance in the manga will enjoy today's update. That's all for now- till next time then!

07.20.2006 - *GASP* An update?! Yes, I realize this site hasn't been updated in a billion years (or a year and twenty days) and I'm truly very sorry about that! I know tons of things on this site is extremely outdated. I've been so busy and everytime I think about updating this site- I think I need to redo the layout and fix the coding first, etc etc...which ends up leading to nothing because the task is so very daunting. T_T I have been planning on getting to it next week though- but seeing how this is a huge site...I'll have to say now that it won't get finished anytime soon. But I'll be working on it! Really, really. *pinky promise*

So what's my purpose of "updating" today? I just needed to do some squeeing with you all about Sesshoumaru's mother. YES! She has finally made an appearance and she's alive!! (laughs) A whole bunch of you guys have been emailing me left and right talking about I thought I better say something here first. The site itself and the section about Sesshoumaru's mother hasn't been updated yet- but I'll be putting up something there some time over the weekend (hopefully later today or tomorrow) with a picture and all that. :) As for now, I'm just making a note on it first. ^^; More coming soon so look out for updates and such!

05.11.2005 - Not an update to the site itself, but I just wanted to announce the opening of Someone to Protect, which is the official fanlisting of Sesshoumaru's sword- the Tenseiga. It's the newest addition to The Killing Perfection and you should join if you're a fan. It'll be updated regularly. ^^

There isn't much else for now- I know there are a lot of things that needs to be updated at this site and um, I'm trying my best to manage it all! I also just want to say thanks to everyone who has continued to come back even after so long. It's visitors like you guys that keeps this site going! :)

02.18.2005 - I've added a new Icons section with several 100x100 icons under the Multi-media section. Been a while since I last promised about making them icons so here they are. ^_^

The Sesshoumaru-gumi Clique is currently undergoing some changes, and there will also be some news in regards to the re-opening of the Sesshoumaru Fanfictions archive so keep an eye out for that soon. Several new stuff needs to be added to the galleries and media sections so I'll try to get to them as soon as I can.

Another note, if you're going to subscribe to the update newsletter, please make sure you're entering a valid email address. I keep getting tons of errors because people are subscribing with addresses that don't exist. Why would you do that anyhow? Also, remember to make sure is in your safe list if you're not getting the notifications.

09.28.2004 - New URL: As you can see, this site has now moved here. Please remember to update your bookmarks and help spread the word. I tried to port everything as thoroughly as possible, but if you still noticed any broken links or something of that sort, I'd appreciate it if you could email me so that I may fix it asap.

That aside, I haven't had the chance to add anything new yet since I've been concentrating more on just moving things over. But I just realized that this site turned 2 years old a few weeks ago. :) I'll update with some nice stuff soon!

Attention to all the people who has subscribed to the update newsletter. Please make sure this address: is in your safe list to prevent it from being filtered into junk. Some of seems to be having problems receiving emails from this address, but this should fix it.

As a final note, if any of you happened to submit something or asked a question during the last 24 hours- there may be a possibility of me not getting it because of the move. Sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience. Note that along with the old site's URL, the email address I used there will also stop working.

09.27.2004 - Quick announcement. My host at Rakuen will be closing down very soon- and so for the past week, I've been working on moving all my sites hosted here over to my own domain. Within the next 24 hours or so, this site and all its subsections will be moving to OwarinaiNET.

After the move is complete, I will send out a more detailed notice along with the new link to all those who are currently subscribed to the newsletter. This site over here will then be deleted. As for the rest of you...I'll have a "moved" notice up on this site for 2 weeks, at which this domain will pretty much cease to exist.

08.30.2004 - Not an update for this site, but more like a shameless publicity note for the Jaken fansite (and fanlisting) that has finally just opened. If you're a fan or a supporter of Jaken, please visit The Other Youkai Lord. ^_^

Other than that, I just want to mention that I should be adding some miscellaneous extra stuff throughout this site quite soon. At that time, I'll send out a notification to all those who have subscribed to the newsletter. And finally, the site has recently gained two new affiliates as well. Do give them great sites a visit! I guess all in all, this was a plugging update. :3

07.27.2004 - As you can see, here's the long-awaited update that I've been talking about for ages. Yes, it really took much longer than I ever thought but at least it's here now. Some new sections have been added throughout the site while others have been either reorganized or even deleted. Lots of new pictures were added in the gallery section as well. Almost all sections were re-edited and some were partially re-written. Sorry I'm not listing all the individual updates here because there are too many. :p

This "new" layout may or may not stick around as I'm actually already sick of it since it was done at least over a year ago when I had first planned the change. -_-; The Sesshoumaru Webring does sport a new layout as well though- and for those who visits the Sesshoumaru Fanfictions would've already seen the new facelift plus a whole slew of new features. On the other hand, I'm still trying to update the Sesshoumaru-gumi Clique so please bear with me. That's all for today and I hope you guys will enjoy this update!

07.27.2004 - *Crickets Chirp* Yes, I realize that this site hasn't been updated in ages. And I also realize that the big update I've been speaking of since last year is still not here. All I can say is that time passes by way too fast and I'm always busier than your average busy person.

The good news, however, is that I really am going to update within the next day or two. It won't be as thorough as I had originally planned, but I suppose I'll work the kinks out later. Please note that you may experience a temporary downtime while I delete and upload new files. Remember to use this URL when accessing this site:

11.15.2003 - Not really a major update but more like an important announcement. This site has a huge update waiting to go up- but it's not coming yet because I will be making a lot of changes. If you've bookmarked this site or have it linked on your site, please make sure that it's linking to my splash page, as that will pretty much be the only address that will take you here. I know many people bookmark my site's url as and this is just a note that this url will NOT exist after my update goes through. On a side note, I've updated the Sesshoumaru-gumi clique. :p

09.21.2003 - As promised, here's another update. The Sesshoumaru-gumi Clique has finally finished going through its roughly 400 submissions and has now added 77 new members. It also sports a spankin' new (and probably permanent) layout that I like much better than the last one.

I've also finished sorting out all the media contributions, resulting in an update of 10 wallpapers, 2 winamp skins, 33 fanart, and 1 comic strip. I also finally remembered to add an award given to me months ago. Thanks to whoever submitted this site since I didn't apply for it. ^_^; Be patient with me, I'm still wading through emails.

09.15.2003 - To my great pissy dismay, I've found yet another site with stolen content from here. Many thanks to two visitors who emailed to inform me. You can view the site in question plagiarizing some of my written content here and if you want, you can also read my anger-ridden rant about this and other webthieves: here.

On a more positive note, yesterday was the site's 1 year anniversary and I do have site updates this time. Let's see, major change going on in the fanfiction section. Also added 15 fanart and 11 parody stuff. Expect a massive gumi update soon. Still wading through tons of email.

07.20.2003 - *NOTICE: PLEASE READ* Due to numerous inquiries about this site's lack of updates in the last few months, I've decided to take a little time to put up a note about it. If you're curious about why I've disappeared and what the status of this site will be in the coming weeks, then please take a look at this notice. To all the people who were expecting this to be an actual update, I'm very sorry. Just read the note...the explanation and whatever else is all there. Thank you! x The Shrine Keeper

02.21.2003 - Yay..another update in 2 days. =P New additions are: 12 theories submissions, 1 winamp skin, 13 links, 50 anime screenshots, 8 misc pictures, and scattered alterations in various areas. I also added 2 very often asked questions in my site FAQ page. Please do take a look there before you email me because lately, I keep getting some of the same type of questions. Right now I literally have over 200 emails that I need to wade through and reply to so if you've emailed me and haven't received a reply yet...that's why. =_= I'll try to respond to them as fast as I can- though questions that have already been covered in my FAQ will NOT be replied to. Anyhow, I hope you'll enjoy this update..more coming again soon!

02.19.2003 - Finally an update. =P Sorry for the lack of them lately- but aside from some problems with getting online, there were also other issues that were making it really difficult for me to put up new stuff. For today's update, I've opened the Fanart section so take a look at them...they're awesome! Aside from that, I've made updates in the links sections, awards, and misc scattered stuff. Anyhow, because it's been a little over a month since my last update...I ended up having A LOT of things waiting to go up...tons of new pictures that I finally edited, submissions, new sections, fics, etc. Those will have to come a little by little in the coming days instead of one big group update...otherwise, I'd never finish. -_- More soon!

01.12.2003 - To note: Something urgent came up and I will not be able to have internet access for a bit- which means all updates will be put on hold until I am able to upload the files on to the server. For all those who have submitted stuff, they WILL be added so please be patient with me. If my mailbox becomes full due to my inability to check them, please fwd your mail here. On to another note, I've come across numerous sites that have been hotlinking to the content on my site and so I've now disabled the ability to do that. Please don't try to do it to other sites either. We work very hard on our sites and it really pisses us off when someone rips off our stuff and claim it as their own AND use our bandwidth while they're at it. -_-

01.07.2003 - I've finally finished "revamping" the entire fanfiction section though there are a lot of updates and new fics waiting to go up that I haven't gotten to yet. I'll add them little by little in the coming days. So far, I've only got the chance to update 2 fics and add 1 new fic. You can check it out there. Aside from that, I've also added 12 new quotes submissions, 9 reasons submissions, 3 theory submissions, and several links that were submitted.

I'm still waiting for a bit more fanart before the opening so be sure to submit some if you have any you'd like to share. Currently still working on various different sections so once again, be on the lookout for more updates! ^_~

12.31.2002 - New Layout! Hope you all like this look better. ^_^ If you actually want to know more about it, it's mentioned [here]. Anyhow, this is a pretty big update with lots of new, edited, and reorganized content/categories. The only part that isn't refined yet is the fanfictions section as it's quite massive over there and it'll take me a while to get through them all. I apologize to all the people who have submitted fics for me to put up or update- please just bear with me and it will all be up soon, I promise. After that, all updates should flow regularly again. The site has also joined the "Top Inuyasha Sites" thingy so vote for the shrine and get Sesshoumaru on top kays? ^_~ This is a huge update so read the detailed updates [here].

Detailed Updates:

  • Added a section for all information pertaining to and about the site. If you have a question you'd like to ask me, then please take a look there first before emailing me as I might've already answered it.
  • Added a list of all the manga volumes where Sesshoumaru appeared in so far.
  • Added more quotes to the quote list along with some more new submissions.
  • Added fan reasons submissions.
  • Added fan theory submissions.
  • Added even more information plus some pictures for all the three swords' descriptions.
  • Added an extra fighting technique (The Whip) in the section on his killing perfection as well as edited and changed some content there.
  • Added a page for Sesshoumaru's seiyuu (includes the American dubbed VA).
  • Made a section just for Rin and Jaken- though the extra content is stilll under construction.
  • Added new links- including a section for general Inuyasha links, a Sesshoumaru webring area, and new buttons to link me.
  • Separated and added more content to: Family Background, His Transformation, and His Name.
  • Created a section called "Interactive" where fans and visitors and can share and interact.
Coming Soon:
  • Fanfiction updates- both new fics, new chapters, and new layout update.
  • Gallery updates- mostly anime screenshots, and special miscellaneous pictures.
  • Interactive- Polls, Quizzes, and whatever else in there that isn't "linked" yet.
  • Links- Lots more Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru related links coming.

I think that's it...I'm getting all confused listing them out. (laughs) All in all, it's a pretty big update so just browse around and take a look. ;)

12/26/2002 - New Layout! Hope you all like this look better. ^_^ If you actually want to know more about it, it's mentioned in [the site] section. Anyhow, along with the layout update, I also re-organized the way everything was grouped plus added categories and/or content. Browse around and see..there's too many for me to just list out. =P The only part that isn't re-fined yet is the fanfictions section. I apologize to all the people who have submitted fics for me to put up or waiting for updates. I'm trying to change the layout there too but it's a bit massive so it's taking longer. I promise all that will be fixed soon and all the fics added. After that, the updates should flow regularly again. ^_^;;

12.13.2002 - And yet another update since that Goodies update I did 2 days ago. ^_^ This time, I added a section called The Sesshoumaru-gumi. It's actually an independent extension of the shrine...solely for the purpose of allowing fans to join in on the Sesshoumaru-gumi clique. You get your own badge and stick it on your site, etc...Take a look there and join if you like. ^_~

I also did some misc. updates that no one will probably I'll post here again after I've done more stuff with the site. =)

12.11.2002 - YAY! I've updated the shrine again!! ^_~


  • Added a new section called The Goodies for some extra Sesshoumaru stuff. Currently has 38 avatars, 15 wallpapers, and 4 winamp skins. Additional stuff to be added soon, I hope. If any of you want to contribute some Sess extras, then let me know! ^_^
  • Added new pictures in The Looks section and also reorganized it for easier viewing. I've finally uploaded some of his manga scans that I was working on. Hope ya likes! More pictures will be added as soon as I'm done working on them. =)
  • Added a new theory submission in The Questions and The Theories section. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link that takes you to fan submissions of their theories.
  • Added a site FAQ for some of the questions that I often get about the shrine in case anyone's interested. =P

Announcements and Stuff:

  • I'm looking for Sesshoumaru sprites and animated gifs...if anyone knows where to get them or has some to contribute, then please let me know either by emailing me or mentioning it in the guestbook. I'd greatly appreciate it!! ^__^
  • I'm also looking to eventually add a Sesshoumaru Fanart section so if any of you guys would like to send yours in, then please email me. I prefer to have a few on hand before I actually add the section so that there will be some to look at once it's added. That way, I'll also know if I should bother putting a fanart section or point in adding it if there are no art to see or if no one's going to contribute them. =P
  • I should be going back to work on The Matchmaking section soon so hopefully that'll finally go up one of these days.
  • The fanfiction section has not been updated yet because I'm trying to work out some changes for the layouts and such. soon as I've got that all figured out, all the new fics that you guys have submitted or updated will be added! Sorry for the slowness. -_-;;
  • And just curious...what other stuff would you guys like to see added on the shrine?

Alrighty, that's it for now. Hope ya all enjoy this update! ^___^ And if ya haven't changed the URL of the shrine in your bookmarks and links to, then please do so soon!

12.08.2002 - Hello all! So sorry for the lack of updates lately...I've been completely swamped. -_-;; Before I begin, I just want to make an important announcement. If you were led here by a search engine or through a chain of links, etc...most likely, the URL to the page will be a tad bit messed up. Please note that my URL for the shrine have been changed to [ ]. The old URL will eventually cease to work so please make sure you have the correct URL bookmarked! Aside from that, I'm also going to be changing my site around and re-organizing stuff so that URL I just mentioned is the best way to go about bookmarking my site because it'll be the only one that's guarantee to not change no matter what updates I make.

Anyhow, I've made some updates on the shrine and am actually on the process of adding more stuff. So hopefully more things will be updated in the coming days. I'll post all details in here as well. Keep your eyes peeled. ;)

Updates: (Added all submissions by visitors in the following sections)

  • The Saying (His Quotes)
  • The Reasons
  • The Questions and The Theories

Thank you all for the great stuff that you guys are sending in...feel free to send in more kays! Sorry it took me so long to add them. =\

Look Forward To:

  • Sess fanfics updates and new fics. I've got quite a few waiting to go up. =)
  • More Sess pictures...I've screencapped some recent episodes of Sess and as soon as I've downsized them, it'll be up! ^__^
  • I swear the Matchmaking section is really coming soon!! ^_^;;
  • And finally, some general overall updates coming as well~

Alright...that's it for now. Thank you all for visiting this site...the hits for my site keeps going up and it amazes me everytime I look at the stats. I average 1000+ hits per day now!! WoO~ You guys are awesome! ^__^

12.06.2002 - The site's finally truly back in motion. I think I finally got this thing to start working again. For all those who have been checking back, I'm sorry for all the little sections in my site that wasn't functioning correctly. For a while, my host was switching servers due to some problems with the last one so the site was down for quite a while. Ever since it's gone back up, there are a few places that weren't functioning properly, but I think that's all fixed? =P Sorry about not updating the site lately...I promise A LOT of new stuff is coming soon. I've gotten a lot more submissions to the Sesshoumaru shrine including new fics to be added and some updated chapters to the current fics that are already up. I should also have a new section up soon. Things have been kinda hectic lately so I haven't had the chance to update the shrine or the site as a whole in a long time. Hopefully, that'll change soon. ^_^;; In the meantime, I thank all of you guys who have been visiting my site, leaving entries in the guestbook, and emailing me about it. It makes me all giddy to know that people are visiting this silly site and liking it. =D

10.17.2002 - Created a blogger page for the purpose of sharing my updates. The FTP server is still not working properly so I'm not able to upload/update much of anything in the time being. For all those who have submitted stuff for my site and/or the Sesshoumaru shrine, please be'll be up as soon as the FTP problem gets fixed.

  • Added a fanfiction section. Take a look~ More is waiting to be uploaded so check back! I take submissions if you have a Sesshie fic to share, be sure to let me know!
  • Implemented forms to use for the sayings, the quotes, and the theories section so that y'all can submit your own input~
  • Coming soon: An extra section listing all the episodes that Sesshoumaru's made an appearance in with some misc. info~ The Matchmaking section should also be added in the near future.
  • Older news: The Gallery section finally has pictures..that was added about 3 weeks ago.

10.15.2002 - The shrine has been down a lot as of late and my host is on the process of changing hosts so hopefully, everything will work out soon.

09.19.2002 - Added more to the shrine. I've finally uploaded the Sesshie parody and created a banner for the shrine.

09.14.2002 - I've added a Sesshoumaru shrine ::The Killing Perfection:: under the misc. section of my site! It's not done yet but at least I'm working on it. ^_^;;

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