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If you would like to use anything on this website for your own site or for any other purpose, then please familiarize yourself with the usage terms stated below first. I've divided everything up by categories so it should be easy to find what you're looking for. Please do adhere to these terms- I can't stress it enough. I've come across many problems related to stolen content in the past, so know that I am quite strict about the terms and I will take action against it.

Another thing to note: I've said it before and I'll say it again- under no circumstances may you direct link to anything on this site. This site uses a whole lot of bandwidth as it is, and it most definitely cannot afford to have people hotlink its files. Please practice proper internet etiquette, and when in doubt, just email me with your questions.

The Galleries: Anime Screenshots, Manga Scans, Miscellaneous Pictures, etc.

Unless specified otherwise, you may use those images on your site- however, please link back here and give some credit. It's only fair, right? :p I'm also going to place a limit of 10 maximum pictures you may take. I've had too many problems with people taking my whole gallery and that's definitely not cool. If for any reason, you'd like to use more than 10, you must email me to get special permission. If it's not a ridiculous number, I'll probably say yes. Also, if the pictures are watermarked with my site's url or name, you must keep them intact. You may not edit them out. And finally, I would also appreciate it if you could let me know when you use these pictures. I just like to know where they're circulating to- plus it'd be cool to check out your site too. ^_^

Multimedia: Wallpapers, Winamp Skins, Icons, Avatars, Sound Clips, etc.

Feel free to download them for your own personal use, meaning on your computer as wallpapers or whatever. However, you may not use them on your site unless you've obtained permission from its respective creators. In most cases, an email address or contact info can be found next to these downloads. You also may not offer them on your site. These are submitted to this site and you're not allowed to just take them for your site. As for the avatars and icons, you may use them on message boards, communities like Livejournal, and messenging services only- not to offer on your site! Credits here would be appreciated. Remember not to direct link. And finally, please do not cut, crop, or edit any of the wallpapers, skins, or avatars to use for your site's layout, create signatures, or whatever. Basically, keep them intact as they are.

Fanwork: Fanfictions, Fanart, Parody Screenshots/Posters, etc.

These are here for your viewing pleasure only. You may NOT direct link to them or take these, especially to put up on your site without proper permission. People work hard on them and it's really not nice to just take them and offer it without permission. I've had a lot of problems with this and many of these creators are not very happy with people taking their stuff. I will take a much harsher action if these are taken, so leave them be! I cannot stress this enough. -_-

The Layout: Past or Present as well as ANY part of the layout

You may not use anything that I've done for the layout whether it's the images I've incorporated or the layout itself. I spent a lot of time on it and they're created solely for this shrine and are not meant to be used by anyone or anywhere else. Create your own layouts and edit your own original pictures! The banners and buttons for this site may only be used for linking to the shrine. You may not use them to decorate your site, signature, or whatever else without having it link back to site. Most of all, do not use them for linking to your site or other sites!! Believe it or not, I encounter this a lot. *groans*

Written Content: Any Descriptions, Summaries, Theories, etc.

This pertains to all the "words" you see on this site. You may use them for a VERY general reference only. In no way should you copy them to use on your site. I spent an insane amount of time writing these and looking things up when needed so please don't take anything I've written and just blatantly use it on your site or a post in message boards. You can quote some sections of my written content at a message board provided that you give credit and link back here. Similarly, don't just change the wording here and there and then stick it on your site. That would be plagiarizing and you'll be breaking copyright laws- which means I can take legal action against you if I'm pissed off enough to do it.

This all applies to the other written stuff on the site like visitor's submissions, their theories, their comments, etc. All of them belong on this site and only on this site unless they've personally submitted the same thing to your site. Having people take my written content is one of the biggest problems I come across- so know that I won't just sit by quietly while you copy. If you really really want to use anything that I've written or to quote it, you must email me for special permission.

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