A Part of Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection

Hello, you've arrived at The Sesshoumaru Webring, a part of The Killing Perfection network. This webring was established on 12/11/2K2 in hopes of linking together all the sites related to Sesshoumaru so that they may be easily accessed by fans and those seeking to know more about him. There are plenty of general Inuyasha webrings out on the internet but not much that's specifically dedicated to Sesshoumaru alone. This then inspired me to create a webring for him and I hope it's proving to be helpful and convenient for both fans and site owners alike.

Ring List: All the current active sites within this webring

Statistics: Statistics for websites currently within the ring.

Feel free to join this webring if you have a website that falls within the requirements. Please refer to the following for instructions and guidelines.

//Rules: Rules and guidelines that you must adhere to in order to be added on to the webring. Please read.

//Join: If your website qualifies and you would like to join the webring, please fill out the form here.

//Code: The code that you must place on your site in order to join. Both graphic and non-graphic codes are available.

If you would like to edit or change your site's information such as the URL or the summary, please login at RingSurf and make the necessary changes. To login, enter the following info:

Ring ID: sess
Site ID: Your site number, given to you through email upon submission.
Password: Whichever you used when you submitted your site to the ring.

Please always keep your webring member information up to date. If your site has moved, you must update the URL- otherwise, I won't know and your website may consequently get deleted during my next inspection of the member sites.

If you happen to have forgotten your password and cannot login, there should be an option on RingSurf to retrieve your password. It will be emailed to you through the address you had initially provided.