A Part of Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection

In order for your site to be added and work properly within the webring, you must place a code on your site. I've included the HTML codes here for you...it's your choice whether you want to use the graphic version or the non-graphic version. There's an example following each coding so that you can see how it's supposed to look like after it's added.

IMPORTANT: After copying and pasting the provided code on to your site, you must replace the ***SITE ID*** part of the html coding with your own site ID number in order for it to work. You should get your site ID through email right after you send in your submission.

The HTML code will also be sent to you via email when you submit your site to the ring with the site ID already changed for you so you can use that as well. However, the default one that is sent to you will be the graphic version only. Please remember to add the code on your site- otherwise I won't be able to add you to the ring. =P


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