A Part of Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection

Before submitting your site to the webring, please read through the following rules. Your site must adhere to these guidelines in order to be approved and officially added on to the webring. If you should have any questions after reading this, then you may email me.

1. Your site must be largely focused on Sesshoumaru somehow. Shrines, fanfiction, fanart, alternate pairing sites, mailing lists, groups, and message boards are all welcome so long as it is related and/or based on Sesshoumaru. However, please do not submit weblogs or journals. I don't care if you're so big of a fan that you often talk about Sesshoumaru in your entries. I will not approve them for the ring. I'm sorry.

2. General Inuyasha sites may be allowed provided that it has a substantial amount of info on Sesshoumaru. By substantial, I mean some sort of a special section just for him or your site contains more than an average amount of extras or miscellaneous goodies for him. A one page deal with just the basic biography of Sesshoumaru will not be accepted. There are plenty of Inuyasha webrings that you can join so you can consider that if your site should lack enough Sesshoumaru goodness.

3. "Under Construction" sites are only allowed if it looks presentable and already has a good amount of content available. Sites with only just a title and an "Under Construction" note of some sort will not be added until they're properly updated. Sites that have very little content will also not be added.

4. Sites containing any stolen or plagiarized content will not be accepted on this ring. Please be original.

5. After you've sumitted the webring join form, you will receive an email with your member info as well as an auto-generated HTML code that you must add on to the page you've specified in your application. I will not add you until I find it on your site. To ensure that all sites within the ring are functioning properly, I will also be checking the sites every few weeks. If I find that the code has been taken down or that your site is no longer around, I will suspend it until it is fixed. If it is not fixed after 2 weeks, your site will then be deleted and you will have to reapply in the future should you want to join again.

6. Please do not try to "hide" or bury the code on some blank or obscure page. Your site will not be added if that's the case. It's preferable if the code is displayed on your main page (or the page with Sesshoumaru) though putting it on the links page or a specific webrings section should be fine too. Putting it on a page that cannot be accessed through your main site, however, is not acceptable.

7. I haven't seen one yet but if any Sesshoumaru hate sites were to ever be created, they will not be added to this ring.

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